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Seasonal Recipe from Erikas Kitchen

Erika Adler shares her love of cooking and eating good food, much in the way that the late lamented Valerie Hedgethorne, one of her former teachers, did with her monthly recipes. Erika worked as a cook and caterer for many years before becoming a cookery teacher to adults and young people. She developed and ran the Community Cookery Project for the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, training future cookery leaders and passing on her passion for fresh, simple and delicious food to groups and individuals of all ages.


Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Jun 01, 2022

The recipe for this cheesecake came from my dad, whose Viennese heritage and love of cooking helped to shape my culinary path through life. It is very light and soft, and would make a lovely summer dessert as well as an afternoon treat at any time of the year. Curd cheese is not so easy to find in the shop, but the own-label soft cream cheese sold in many supermarkets works very well.



Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on May 01, 2022

This salad is a lovely way of celebrating the new season’s home-grown produce, with its uniquely fresh flavour and texture. However as most vegetables are shipped in from abroad all the year round, you could make it at any time.



Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Apr 01, 2022

As Easter and Passover fall in April , this delicious recipe comes to you with both festivals in mind. Chocolate eggs are a traditional favourite at Easter time, and macaroons are enjoyed during Passover, as they contain no flour. And it is one of those recipes where you can safely vary both the quantity of sugar and the type of nut, according to your taste.


Crunchy Granola

Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Mar 01, 2022

Granola has a healthy reputation, which is strange as most brands are highly sweetened. If, like me, you’re trying to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, this recipe provides a delicious alternative, and is very easy to make. It is one of those recipes that you can play around with, by choosing which flaked grains to use, which oil, which nuts and seeds and what kind of syrup you would prefer to sweeten it.



Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Feb 01, 2022

These fritters are popular with almost everyone I have met, even those who say they hate green leafy vegetables. The main ingredient, chickpea or gram flour, is high in protein, making the fritters very nourishing as well as delicious, and ideal for both vegans and people on a gluten free diet. They are quite rich, so I usually serve them with a bowl of cucumber raita (a mixture of plain yoghurt and finely diced cucumber); its sharpness and crunch make a lovely contrast. Tomato salsa or your favourite pickles or chutney would also work well as an accompaniment.



Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Jan 01, 2022

The cold weather has well and truly arrived, so this month I thought I’d offer a warming soup that is quick and easy to prepare. One of the great things about making soup is that you can use up oddments of ingredients that would not go very far on their own. This recipe can be adjusted according to what you may have lurking in your fridge or freezer.


Brown Biscuits

Posted in Erika’s Kitchen on Dec 01, 2021

The recipe for these delicious little biscuits came from my daughter in law, via her Danish grandmother.